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Magic Whiteboard is a cute network drawing program, designed especially for kids
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13 September 2009

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Creativity is something that comes from within and is rarely acquired. This quality can only be polished and honed with the help of professional assistance and training; but the innate talent is something which an individual is born with. Identifying and sharpening those innate skills is the best thing that you can do for creative excellence and fulfillment. As kids, we loved playing with coloring books, colorful blocks and even making clay models as a part of our creative pursuit and many of us have mastered it more than one way that has facilitated in having it as a career option. Since, the computer systems have further enhanced the creativity and imagination with the help of various assistive application and software and hence Magic Whiteboard 3.3 earns impressive kudos for the same idea.

Magic Whiteboard opens with a colorful interface with a canvas like screen displayed like a whiteboard and main tools are presented within a toolbox from which the user can choose and use them as desired. Making drawings and playing with toys and creating some hand models helps the child in his/her thought process and also exercises their brain with the assistance of motion activity. Further, it empowers the child to express himself freely and proves to be a constructive source of enjoyment and leisure. Moreover, the program can also be used as a collective utility on over five computer systems so that numerous kids can draw and paint at the same time and enhance the fun quotient. Parents can effectively have hands on experience of their child’s creativity and imagination and also facilitates saving the drawings in different image formats.

Overall, Magic Whiteboard 3.3 comes across as an efficient utility to boost the creativity and imagination of the child and gets a rating score of four points owing to its comprehensive tools and vibrant premise.

Publisher's description

Magic Whiteboard is a colorful network drawing program, designed especially for kids' entertainment. It is known that drawing, as well as playing with toys and making something with hands develops children's thinking and logic, allows them to develop their brain with the help of motion activity. Magic Whiteboard is a perfect tool developing your children's abilities. It lets kids express themselves by drawing and is a constant source of fun and joy for the entire family. Magic Whiteboard is designed not only for individual use, but also for collective drawing in a home network. This program can be used in a home PC network with up to 5 computers, so you and your kids can draw pictures all together at the same time. The main feature is that you all are drawing at the same "sheet" or "board" on the screen. So, if you have another PC or laptop, you can play with your kids or let their friends draw something together.
With Magic Whiteboard you can show a real miracle to your kid: you can hide with a laptop in another room and draw some pictures on the screen, and your kid will definitely think that there is a lovely Santa Claus or one of two nice gnomes that is drawing with him and adding more details to the picture. Or, you can just watch your kids drawing, and surely you will discover a lot of interesting things as children often create very unusual images. Learn more about your kids' way of thinking, worldview, imagination and skills with Magic Whiteboard. It gives a handful of ideas how to spend your spare time having fun with your kids. Magic Whiteboard allows printing and saving drawings in such common formats as BMP, JPEG, and GIF. No doubt, its colorful graphics and amusing cartoon characters make this program a really fascinating pastime. Available for Windows ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista.
Magic Whiteboard
Magic Whiteboard
Version 3.3
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